7 Helpful Holiday Budget Travel Tips

Holiday traveling can be very expensive because rates for flight and train tickets are higher during this time. Same thing goes for hotel accommodations and other vacation necessities like car rentals. If you are not wise enough you may have to spend double than you would if you are traveling during regular days.

Below are 8 helpful tips to help you save some bucks for your holiday travel:

Air Travelling

1. Do not book for the peak travel days

The day before Thanksgiving and Christmas are the busiest days for air traveling, so try to book your flight two days before or on the day itself because airfares are cheaper then. Be aware though that in small airports, flights during Thanksgiving are cancelled due to few flight takers.

2. Perfect Timing

If you want cheap flight tickets, book for early morning or late night flights. Rates for these flights are cheaper and are usually included in airfare deals because very few people like traveling during unholy hours. Aside from cheaper tickets, another advantage of taking flights too early or late is less crowded airports.

Travel by train

3. Cheaper by the train

If you do not want to be hassled by airport bustle and you want to save some money, try the trains. Train stations are less crowded and they are less security conscious too, not to mention that train fares are a lot cheaper of course.

Go by the road

To really save up, go on a road trip. Be sure though that your vehicle is up for the long journey. Have your mechanic check the car to be absolutely sure that it is in good running condition. It is cheaper to have your car checked before you go than have it repaired once you are on the road.

4. Drive carefully

Once on the road do observe the speed limit. Some drivers may go faster than normal especially if they are trying to catch up some time, do not try to race up with them. To avoid the haste, time your departure properly. Give enough time allowance in order to avoid being late for the celebrations. Speed ticket costs too, so you’d better not risk it if you want to save money.

5. Bring food and drinks

It will save you money to bring your own food and drinks for the journey because stopping at road restaurants will cost you more.

Save on Accommodations and Car Rental

6. Book for package tours

If you are spending your holiday at some exotic place it is best if you can get a package tour deal. There are many travel agencies that offer special packages even on holidays, but you may need to book at least two months early.

7. Rent your car early too

It is also great if you can book your rental car early, not just to save some money but also to avoid overbooking. If you reserve too late, you may not be able to book the car you really need, or you may not get a car at all.

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